Night guard characteristics

fabricacion ferula bruxismo

Night guards are ​the most effective treatment for the negative effects and consequences of bruxism​ (clenching and grinding your teeth).

It comes in ​transparent resin​, ​some 2 mm thick​, and is worn over your top set of teeth to stop them from coming into contact with the lower set, so that you can no longer grind them, thereby relaxing your mouth.

It will also stop your jaw from pushing upwards, hence relaxing the ​temporomandibular joint ​(TMJ). This means  that, if you have worn teeth and tend to clench them hard at night, wearing a night guard will stop your jaw from  digging into your skull, meaning that you will no longer suffer from discomfort and painful joints.

Night guards are generally fitted to the top set of teeth, which are generally more stable, cover a larger area and offer greater versatility.

What is a night guard made of and how is it made?

Night guards are made of a ​resin that is harmless to the organism​. To make it, we take a mould of your teeth at  the surgery. We also take recod of your bite, i.e. the relationship between your top and bottom teeth.

Subsecuently, the night guard is custom made to fit perfectly over ​your top teeth in order to protect the enamel  from the damage caused by clenching and grinding your teeth.

While night guards can be made in several ways, the method has no effect on the end result. The most important  factor for achieving results is to guarantee that the night guard ​fits snugly over your teeth​, that it is 2-3mm thick,  perfectly polished, and has as flat a surface as possible.

The fact that the night guard is made to measure means that it will ​perfectly adapt to your teeth ​and mouth, and  will therefore be comfortable to use, while protecting your teeth from wear and potential associated  complications in your muscles or joints.

Not all guards are the same

It is important not to ​confuse the night guard with other tooth guards​, such as clear aligners, or those used to keep your orthodontic treatment in place, which are thinner. Nor must they be confused with mouthguards, which are made in more flexible material.

Night guards are more rigid and thicker ​than those used for orthodontics, in order to provide greater protection  and durability. Making wrong use of the other guards or aligners could represent a risk for your health.

Night guards must be ​made for each individual patient ​at our dental clinic in San Sebastian. Also, given that the  position of your mouth may change with time, it is important to have your night guard checked periodically.