Soft-picks, rubber interdental brushes


For several years now at our surgery, as well as regular brushing with a manual or electric toothbrush, we have been recommending soft-picks for  improved interdental brushing. Cleaning your teeth with a regular toothbrush  may be sufficient for a lot of people, but many others need a little extra help to clean between their teeth.

Interdental brushes are recommended for patients with:

  • Crowded ​or separated ​teeth​, which may trap leftover food and are difficult to brush.
  • Teeth that are very close to one another​, particularly in young people who have difficulty removing food stuck between their teeth simply using a regular toothbrush.
  • Small spaces between your teeth ​caused by gum loss. This occurs from the age of 40 years, above all  in smokers and in patients who have suffered or currently have swollen gums.
  • Active ​gingivitis​ or ​periodontitis​, with or without bleeding gums. Sometimes the patient doesn’t bleed because they can’t reach the interdental area with a regular toothbrush, even if the inflamation is there. Using a soft-pick will make them bleed. The same will occur with traditional floss or interdental brushes. Don’t worry. While it is true that bleeding instinctively makes us feel uncomfortable, if you cut yourself for instance, you also  instinctively know that the area has to be cleaned. The same applies to swollen gums. At first the interdental brush will make them bleed, but this will clean them, reduce the swelling and eventually cause the bleeding to stop.

Brushing with soft-picks

Place the soft-pick between your teeth, against your gum and move it in and out two or three times.

Do the same between all of your teeth​, if possible, taking care to rub the gum and roots of the tooth on either side of the space. If any of the spaces are wide, you start first stuck to the previous root of the space, and then stuck to the back root.

There are three sizes of soft-pick​, but we recommend using the ​finest or “Regular” size ​in pale green. Once you’ve  learned to use it, if required by the space between your teeth, you can move on to the next or ​“Large” ​size, in a darker  green colour.

Soft-picks are flexible and will bend to reach all interdental spaces. While you may find that they break at first, you’ll soon  get used to using them and will make them last for several brushings, or even several days. They are not therefore  disposable after a single use. The packet comes with a small box in clear plastic for storing your brushes between uses, and which can also be used to take a few soft-brushes with you on holiday or in your pocket if you plan to eat out.

Watch the following videos for more information: