You show lack of concern for your oral health

You seem to show no concern for your dental health. You probably suffer from oral disease, such as tooth decay, gingivitis or periodontitis and we therefore recommend that you urgently visit your dentist for a correct diagnosis and adequate treatment, and for advice on how to properly look after your teeth.

You look after your oral health

You look after your oral health but are a little careless with it. You are at risk of suffering tooth decay or gingivitis. We recommend a visit to your dentist for a check-up.

You have excellent oral health

Everything would seem to suggest that you enjoy excellent oral health and that you follow your dentist’s instructions. Keep up the good work and visit your dentist regularly.

Remember that this test is no substitution for an adequate diagnosis or check-up by a professional; we therefore recommend that you regularly consult your dentist to ensure good oral health.

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