Plasma rich in growth factors

Tratamiento de plasma rico en factores de crecimiento

This is a safe and highly advanced technique which stimulates tissue healing and regeneration. It involves isolating the growth factors in blood plasma. Once applied to the areas to be treated in therapeutic dosage, the repair process is optimised and naturally accelerated.

The process consists of taking a little blood from the patient. From this blood we obtain plasma very rich in proteins by spinning the sample. These proteins or growth factors have tissue repairing properties which accelerate regeneration, reducing the risk of post-surgery infection and swelling.

In odontology the process is recommended for implant and gum surgery. Plasma rich in growth factors also accelerates the bone regeneration required to fit dental implants. Being a substance obtained from the patient themselves, there is no risk of rejection or of allergic reaction.

Blood is taken and growth factors obtained at our clinic moments before the surgical intervention begins.