Pregnant women and dental care

Salud bucodental en la mujer embarazada

Infections in any part of a pregnant woman’s body,and their related treatments, can have an  effect on the health of their unborn child.

That’s why the ​mother’s good dental health ​and as little dental treatment as possible during pregnancy ​will be beneficial for the overall health of the unborn baby​.

All women with good oral hygiene on falling pregnant will have the advantage of suffering few oral complications,  and will require very little treatment during pregnancy.

Dental check-ups during pregnancy

Check-up prior to pregnancy

As well as the regular check-ups recommended for people in general, if you are planning to have a baby, it is  advisable to ​have a complete check-up of your teeth and gums before falling pregnant​, when you can have all of  the necessary X-rays taken to detect potential pathologies requiring treatment.

If you have tooth decay, your dentist will be able to give you all the anaesthesia you need. And if you have any  teeth requiring a root canal, we can give you whatever antibiotic and pain treatment you require, and ​take the  corresponding X-rays​.

If you have a tendency to suffer from gingivitis ​or inflammation of the gums, i.e. bleeding gums when brushing  your teeth, ​this is a good time to have it seen to​ given that the tendency for gums to bleed or swell increases  during pregnancy. This above all affects women who have suffered from bleeding gums from a young age.

Check-up at the start of your pregnancy

If, on falling pregnant, you haven’t had your teeth ​checked for more than 6 months​, we recommend that you  make an appointment so that we can ​study the state of your teeth and gums​.

If you have one or more small caries, they can be treated easily. However, if any of your teeth require a rather  deep filling, and therefore medication to prevent pain or infection, we would try to postpone treatment until the second three months of your pregnancy​.

If X-rays were required, you would be given a ​lead apron ​to wear, which will protect both yourself and your unborn child.

Pregnant women must also ​improve their teeth cleaning habits​, to keep them even cleaner and healthier than usual.

Cuidado dental mujer embarazada

Many pregnant women tend to eat between meals; this isn’t a problem                         provided that they brush their teeth immediately afterwards.

During pregnancy, you will have a greater tendency to suffer from tooth decay​. However, if you take very good  care of your teeth, you may not need any more fillings than you would normally. You must also ​take care not to eat too many sweets​, to prevent caries from forming and so that you don’t put on too much weight.

On brushing your teeth you must remember to clean the place where the tooth meets the gum to prevent gum  disease and bleeding.

Post-pregnancy check-up

One or two months after giving birth, by which time you will be able to leave the baby with someone for a little  while, ​it is advisable to have X-rays taken of your teeth ​to see whether you require any kind of treatment.

However, today the majority of mothers have no more problems than normal during pregnancy, given that they  take good care over their food and hygiene.

More information

You can read more on this subject in: ​updated information on paediatric dentistry (Children and Adolescents)​.

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