The objectives of orthodontic treatment

Objetivos tratamiento ortodóncico


Achieving a harmonious smile, preventing food from becoming trapped in crowded teeth, correcting bothersome pronunciation or breathing defects, all have their solution in orthodontics.

DurinDuring their yearly visit to the dentist by adults, children and adolescents, as well as looking at the health of their teeth and gums, we must also proceed with an orthodontic check-up to ensure that their teeth are correctly aligned and that they close or bite properly.

Most orthodontic treatments have the purpose of realigning the teeth. Another very important objective is to monitor correct jaw growth, as this will prevent the erroneous movement or position of the teeth.

While the aesthetic objective is fundamental, it is also essential to guarantee that all of the teeth function correctly. Properly aligned teeth are easier to brush, thereby preventing the formation of plaque and the development of bacteria; they also help Itto protect the gums.
Furthermore, orthodontics are method of prevention which enable better ageing of the teeth. Keeping our teeth is gaining importance given our increasingly longer life expectancy.

The importance of prevention

Prevention and, if necessary, early treatment, will prevent much more bothersome interventions at adolescent or adult age.

Ignoring an orthodontic problem will reduce the option of finding a simple solution and could lead to the need for more complicated solutions (the extraction of permanent teeth, for example). Furthermore, all work done to the teeth from childhood should progressively eliminate the problems we are currently treating in adults.

Acceptance of the treatment


Sometimes we find that both young children and adults have difficulty accepting the treatment. This said, particularly in the last years, increasingly more modern techniques are being developed.

The new and more flexible alloys currently used for fixed braces are enormously effective and far less bothersome. The fixing systems or brackets, traditionally made of steel, are now discreet and almost even invisible when aesthetic versions (white) are used.

Benefits of orthodontics

The main benefits of orthodontics are better health, a balanced face, better quality of life and a good appearance.

Choice of the treatment will depend on the result we want to achieve and on what the patient wants. Today, thanks to both state-of-the-art techniques and discreet braces, we can achieve impressive results.

ProperCorrCorrectly functioning teeth and jaws enable us to achieve excellent balance between actions such as chewing, diction and breathing. Prevention and care applied at the right time are the greatest guarantee of successful treatment.