Invisible Orthodontics

Description of the technique

This is a revolutionary orthodontics system, digitized to guarantee an attractive and healthy smile.

It consists of a series of transparent, removable aligners made-to-measure for each patient which individually apply light and controlled pressure to the teeth, moving and progressively correcting them to the desired extent.

In the first stages, the aligners are thinner and more flexible, thereby enabling us to easily start the teeth moving.

Furthermore, on being removable, Invisible Orthodontics means that you can maintain good dental hygiene, avoiding or reducing the possibility of suffering tooth decay or gum problems.

How it works

Invisible Orthodontics provide a comfortable and easy-to-use treatment consisting of aligners which are changed every two weeks. During your treatment, continuity of the aligners corrects your teeth until obtaining the ideal smile designed by your dentist.

The treatment is planned virtually by means of 3D images. Using these images, we make the aligners for each stage of the process. As each aligner is replaced by the next one in the treatment series, your teeth gradually move until achieving the initially planned position.

The aligners are worn 24 hours a day, except during meal times.


Aligners can be used in the following alterations to achieve correct dental alignment:

  • Diastema: gapped teeth.
  • Crowding: the teeth overlap one another.
  • Overjet: when the mouth is closed, there is an anterior-posterior space between the upper and lower incisors.
  • Overbite: the upper teeth cover all, or almost all, of the lower teeth.
  • Crossbite: all of the teeth on the superior arch must be outside the lower teeth. If several of the top teeth are inside this arch, it is known as crossbite.

Characteristics of the patient

This technique is indicated for all kinds of adult and adolescent patients, provided that they behave responsibly and are motivated.

  1. They must be older than 16 years.
  2. Have their permanent teeth.
  3. Have no other dental problems such as tooth decay, or gum problems like gingivitis or gum disease.

Advantages of invisible orthodontics


Nobody will know that you’re wearing an aligner, and it will adapt to your every day life normally, without altering or limiting your activities.


Complete comfort during use. The aligners are made to measure for you in a flexible, high quality material which guarantees comfort you will greatly appreciate.


Aligners can be removed to enable good cleaning of your teeth and mouth, without running the risk of trapping food in them, like in the case of brackets.


In cases of slight overcrowding in disciplined patients.