Aesthetic orthodontics: Ceramic brackets


Ceramic brackets constitute what we know as aesthetic orthodontics, due to being a material which adheres strongly to the tooth and is practically invisible. They are not the only aesthetic brackets, but they are the ones used most given their benefits and excellent results.

Traditional orthodontics with metal brackets are very commonly used on adolescents, and even if they may give adults something of a youthful look, not everyone wants to have to use them and to be seen using them; there are other, more aesthetic options for these patients.

Aesthetic brackets are designed for people who want their treatment to go unnoticed, but who prefer to use fixed orthodontics rather than invisible removable orthodontics, given that the brackets adhere better to the teeth and offer a better guarantee of movement in the different directions and of the necessary inclinations.

As Orthodontics specialists in San Sebastian, we work with the Ortho Quest brand, which supplies us with brackets made in the USA, in ceramic material for health-related use, which are white and transparent, and offer unbeatable durability.

These brackets also come in a matt rather than glossy finish, making them even less noticeable.

Benefits of aesthetic brackets

  1. Excellent results with no loss of aesthetics or effectiveness.
  2. Stable and safe, they stay solidly in place
  3. No sharp edges or discomfort.
  4. No damage to the teeth.
  5. They don’t cause allergies, due to being made with 100% biocompatible materials.

Advantages with respect to invisible orthodontics

Ceramic or porcelain brackets are very discreet and move the teeth quicker than invisible aligners.

This kind of orthodontics offers highly effective results when correcting tooth position. They act constantly and do not require the patient’s cooperation, something which is important in the case of young people or adolescents, or of adults with a very busy lifestyle.

Furthermore, when compared to invisible orthodontics, they hold and move the teeth better.

If you need orthodontic treatment to improve the position of your teeth, Dentist Jesús Mª Arizala will make a complete study of your case and give you advice on the most suitable treatment for your condition.