Orthodontics in San Sebastian

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry involving the analysis, prevention and correction of jaw growth in order to rectify misaligned teeth and improve oral functions.

At our expert orthodontics clinic in San Sebastian we offer a variety of correction techniques for dental malocclusion:

How much do Orthodontics cost?

To give you a final quote, we require you to make a preliminary surgery appointment so that we can study your case and decide if orthodontics treatment is required.

Dental movement

The majority of orthodontic treatments are used to realign teeth by means of small metal brackets attached to the exterior of each tooth. In adults, and in children when requested, we use white ceramic brackets, which are less visible, something we have found in our long orthodontics experience in San Sebastian to be an indispensable requirement for some people.

For treatment using brackets, the movements are controlled in an arch shape, enabling the dentist to guide the direction followed by your teeth. The arch is changed regularly according to the movements to be achieved. In some cases, for a few months, we use elastic bands connecting the upper and lower jawbones in order to move teeth horizontally or vertically.

Another technique in high demand at our clinic specialising in orthodontics in San Sebastian is invisible orthodontics, a teeth straightening treatment which is almost imperceptible to the eye and involves the use of highly-resistant clear plastic aligners. This type of aligner, designed to exercise pressure that will gradually move your teeth into place, is made to measure, meaning that it must be replaced with a new one every so often. You can take it out at any time to eat, drink or brush your teeth, but must put it back in immediately to ensure that it will correctly fulfill its orthodontics function.

Pre-orthodontics study

Before having the aligner fitted at our expert clinic in San Sebastian, we make a series of clinical examinations to give us an overall idea of your health. This complete diagnosis enables us to decide the best treatment for your case. To make an orthodontics study, it is important not only to observe the structure of your mouth, but also the shape of your face.

Jaw growth

Sometimes in children we find that one or both of their jawbones are growing either too slowly or too quickly. To accelerate or delay said growth, children can be fitted with a removable night (known as an extraoral appliance) or fixed (bracket) brace.

This correction treatment is only suitable in children whose jaws are still growing. While it is also possible to correct the jaw in the case of adults, in addition to using braces or invisible aligners, these patients will have to undergo jaw surgery (technically going by the name of orthognathic surgery).

It is also common for children to suffer from deformation of the palate caused by either sucking their thumb or excessive dummie use.

Difference between children and adults:

In children

Orthodontic treatment can affect both tooth position and jaw growth.

In adults

Jaw position can only be changed by means of surgery (orthognathic or corrective jaw surgery), although the majority of adults only require tooth alignment using brackets or invisible orthodontics.

We have the solution to orthodontics emergencies

Undergoing orthodontics treatment involves having an apparatus fitted to your mouth which will gradually move your teeth into place. However, although the end result is excellent, our orthodontics experience in San Sebastian has shown us that a number of unexpected situations can occur during the process:

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