Endodontics or Root Canal Treatment

This is a procedure involving removal of the tooth pulp or nerve followed by sealing of the pulp canal. That’s why it’s also known as root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment enables us to save teeth from extraction and is the last resource for keeping teeth with some kind of problem affecting the nerve and the area round it.

Tooth decay is the principal cause of infection leading to inflammation and necrosis of the pulp, and is therefore the main reason for performing a root canal.

It is also recommended in cases of:

  • Broken teeth
  • When a large part of a tooth has to be removed to fit a prosthesis
  • Pathologies affecting the root and bone around the tooth
  • Wear and erosion of the teeth caused by rubbing against one another
Tratamiento periodoncia

The endodontics procedure

The area must be numbed to carry out the root canal procedure. A hole is then drilled in the crown of the tooth and the pulp extracted. Before sealing, a careful check is made to ensure that the canal is perfectly clean. After treatment, the tooth will be de-sensitized.

Regular yearly check-ups will be required to ensure that the infection has disappeared and that the root canal has favourably evolved.

Tratamiento Endodoncia