Types of dentures

Dentures or false teeth are used to replace one or several teeth. To fit them, we must work directly inside your mouth to guarantee a perfect fit.

Moulds or impressions.

We will start by taking one or several impressions or moulds, giving us an exact replica of your mouth and remaining teeth. The prosthetist will then make a customised denture according to your dentist’s instructions. Here we take care to follow your wishes in regard to the size, colour and shape of your new teeth.

Provisional dentures

During the time needed to make the dentures, which can take from a week to a month, you will wear temporary dentures to protect your teeth; these will help you to chew properly and to smile with confidence.

We consider these temporary dentures to have a highly important aesthetic and functional task, and we therefore do everything possible to make sure that you feel comfortable while your final dentures are being made. Also remember that you will sometimes have to wear temporary dentures after an extraction or having implants fitted.

Types of dentures

The choice of dentures will depend on the condition of your remaining teeth, and on the health of your mouth. It will also depend on your aesthetic priorities, your lifestyle, and your budget.

It is important to discuss all of this with us at the surgery; we will propose the denture best suited to your needs.


Tratamiento prótesis dentales

Dentures fixed to your teeth

We can repair a worn or lost tooth with fixed dentures. These come in several types:

  • Porcelain veneer, which covers the visible face of your teeth. These veneers are also used to improve the appearance of your teeth.
  • A crown, which covers the entire visible part of your tooth.
  • A Richmond crown, when only the devitalised roots remain, but where these roots are in good health. It occupies the whole extension of the visible tooth and is fixed to the roots.
  • Permanent bridge, when you have lost one or more teeth; these are fixed in place with crowns fitted to the tooth before and after the missing one.

Removable dentures

These are used when you don’t have enough teeth to support a fixed denture. They can be slipped into and out of your mouth as desired. There are two types: partial or total.

  • Partial, which only replaces certain teeth. This kind of denture is fixed to your gums and to your remaining teeth with hooks.
  • Complete, replacing all of your top or bottom teeth, and only fixed to your gums.

Dentures on implants

Come in three types:

  • Fixed:these are individual crowns or bridges with several pieces; they are screwed to your implants.
  • Removable:these are complete dentures fastened to your implants with buttons, clips or bars to hold them in place. You must take them out for cleaning after every meal, replacing them immediately.
  • Hybrid: these occupy the whole top or bottom of your mouth and are brushed in the same way as your own teeth. Your dentist can remove them if and when required

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