Partial removable dentures

A partial removable denture replaces teeth missing from your upper or lower jaw. You can put it in and take it out as you wish. There are three kinds of dentures:

Exclusively resin denture

After taking impressions or moulds at our surgery, the prosthetist will make a pink resin denture in the laboratory, perfectly matched to your gums, to which the white resin teeth are fitted. A series of fasteners or hooks are also strategically fixed to the denture to keep it stable and hold it in place while chewing or talking. These dentures mainly take their support from the gum and are used either as permanent prostheses, or sometimes as a temporary solution after extractions or implants that take time to heal. In these cases, the dentist will file or adapt your denture as the wound heals.

Dentures with a metal or skeletal structure

These dentures are more elaborate and stronger. After taking impressions or moulds at our surgery, the prosthetist will make a metal structure. This structure is similar to a skeleton that forms a basis for the pink resin and false teeth. Thanks to their metal structure, these dentures, as well as leaning on the gum, are also supported by your teeth, thereby obtaining a more even distribution of force and greater denture stability.

protesis parciales removibles

Skeletal with fasteners

When we want to conceal the hooks on front teeth, we file  the teeth to which the hook would have to adjust and cover them with a metal crown coated in ceramic the same colour as the teeth alongside them. This crown has a little ball which attaches invisibly and safely to the removable denture. The resulting appearance is highly attractive. Some parts of this fastening may suffer wear over the years, but they are easy to replace if required, and will continue to hold the denture firmly in place.

If this is the first time you have used a removable denture, you may find that it will take some time to get used to. Don’t hesitate to consult us and we’ll make the necessary adjustments to make you feel comfortable.