Difference between removable and fixed dentures

Removable dentures have a series of advantages and disadvantages compared to the fixed versions:

Advantages of removable dentures

The remaining teeth don’t require filing (unless using attachments to conceal the hooks).

If you have no top front teeth, meaning that your gum has receded due to the bone loss that follows every extraction, the pink resin gum of these dentures will fill the space beneath your upper lip. They therefore provide greater support for your lip and reduce the little wrinkles going by the name of barcode lines.

These removable dentures are a good option for patients who prefer not to have dental implants fitted due to having a lack of bone, to a fear of surgery, or to having other economic priorities.

Diferencias protesis removibles y fijas

Disadvantages of removable dentures

You must remove your denture after every meal in order to clean it properly when brushing your teeth. If you don’t, you may suffer tooth decay in the teeth it leans against, and in so doing endanger the stability of your denture.

Some people dislike the appearance of the hooks holding the dentures in place on your teeth, particularly on their front teeth, or if you can see them when smiling. It doesn’t bother others. In these cases, we can prevent the hooks from being seen by creating a skeletal denture with metal-porcelain caps and attachments.

Today highly attractive resin teeth are available in regard to their colour and shape; however, fixed dentures with porcelain teeth look even more natural. Consult us if you have any doubts and we’ll advise you on the denture best suited to your needs.