Dentures in San Sebastian

What are dentures?

Dentures are an artificial replacement for your natural teeth which both reset your jaw and restore the vertical appearance of your teeth. Dentures enable you to eat, speak and pronounce words correctly while making your smile more attractive.

Given that dentures must fit perfectly and remain snugly in place on your gums, they are custom-made for each patient.

HOW MUCH DO Dental prostheses COST?

To give you a final quote, we require you to make a preliminary surgery appointment so that we can study your case and its prosthetic options, depending on the condition of your teeth and of your mouth in general.

Types of dentures

At our clinic of experts in San Sebastian we use different types of dentures to guarantee the right treatment every time.

We generally differentiate between removable and fixed dentures and use one or the other according to the patients’ needs and options.

Removable dentures

This is the kind you can take out of your mouth. They are frequently used in somewhat older people and can be complete or partial depending on the number of missing teeth to be replaced.

We use two different kinds of materials to make dentures at our dental clinic in San Sebastian:

  • 100% resin
  • Resin with a metal or skeletal structure

Denture use requires a period of adaptation during which your dentist will make adjustments if required. It is advisable to take your dentures out to sleep as this will allow the tissues that hold them in place all day to rest. This said, in some patients with TMA or those who have complete dentures, it is advisable to keep them in overnight. At our clinic of denture experts in San Sebastian we’ll tell you which option is best suited to your case and the most comfortable.

Removable dentures will have more stability if they are placed over your own teeth or implants.

If you have very little gum and bone to hold your dentures in place, they will move and may cause irritation. Using denture adhesive can help to prevent this from happening.

Fixed dentures

Fixed dentures are those that remain permanently in place, whether because they are fixed in place with a special adhesive, or because they are directly screwed onto your dental implants. In these cases, they can only be fitted or removed by a dental surgeon.

Once fixed in place, and depending on your case, you must have your dentures checked by a dentist every 6 to 12 months to keep them problem-free and immediately correct any issues.

If you’d like to receive advice on dentures in San Sebastian, come and see us at the Arizala Dental Clinic.

As they don’t move, this kind of dentures has the advantage of making it much easier to eat. However, they also require a great deal more care. You must brush them without fail after every meal and clean them exhaustively before going to bed.

Use a toothbrush and a little toothpaste for the most accessible areas and an interdental brush for the space between your teeth and gums. Interdental brushes are enormously useful and our experience with dentures in San Sebastian has shown us that the best option is the silicon version.

The other types of dentures we use in San Sebastian:

Once your dentures have been fitted it is important to continue visiting your dentist regularly to guarantee good oral health.

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