Prosthesis on implants

Just like on the roots of our teeth, different kinds of prosthesis can be fitted to implants.

Fixed prosthesis on implants

Crowns and bridges can be fitted to implants. Having made one or several impressions, the crown or bridge is produced and either cemented or screwed to the implants.

Removable prostheses on implants

Removable prostheses can be stabilised by means of implants. The implants are fitted prior to the prosthesis. The prosthesis is fixed to the implants by means of attachments often taking the shape of little pressure studs or bars.

Time from fitting the implant to making the prosthesis

Generally speaking, to make the prosthesis we wait until the implant has correctly adhered into the bone (between three and four months).

protesis-dentales sobre implantes donostia

Quote and cost

This depends on the number of teeth to be replaced, the number of implants to be fitted and the type of prosthesis to be used. On the treatment programme we can establish a first quote for the surgery (fitting the implant) and another for the prothesis (crowns, bridges or removable dentures).

Choosing the type of prosthesis

The implant is the support chosen to fix the different prostheses in place. Apart from good quality of the work involved, the professional also takes good care to ensure that it looks good.

We will advise you on the prosthesis most suited to your aesthetic needs and budget.


Like prostheses on natural teeth, prostheses on implants must be regularly checked by your dentist.

Rigorous dental hygiene reduces the risk of infection or peri-implantitis, which would mean medium-term gum loss, implant exposure or even loss.