Pre-implant Analysis

Análisis previo al implante

Fitting dental implants requires thorough preparation prior to an operation. The process involves X-rays, scanners, plaster casts, the patient’s medical history, etc.   

The prosthetic project

Implants are above all fitted to act as the support for a dental prosthesis which must be both aesthetic and functional. A project is therefore required for the future prosthesis which will guide fitting of the implant.

When dealing with simple prosthetic projects (one or two teeth), planning the treatment is relatively simple. In the case of complex projects, deeper analysis may be necessary, including the production of diagnostic wax models and surgical guides enabling us to study on models or in the patient’s mouth the position of the prosthetic teeth to be fitted.

Both the teeth and the mouth will be studied to evaluate the area where the implant is to be fitted, checking for potential caries or gingivitis requiring treatment before proceeding.

Planning the surgical operation

Once the decision has been taken as to the position and angle of the teeth, a study must be made of the conditions required to fit the implants to be held in place on the future prosthesis.

We will analyse the bone volume to establish whether or not a bone graft is necessary. This is also when the length and diameter of each implant is decided.

A carefully prepared prosthetic project and well-planned surgical operation are the guarantee of a successful outcome and excellent aesthetic results.

What it involves

Taking an X-ray and scans are essential examinations prior to fitting dental implants. Analysis of the bone volume means that we can establish whether or not a bone graft is required before fitting the implant.