Computer Assisted Implantology

Developing computer technology means that dentists can simulate the fitting of dental implants using sophisticated computer programs.

Tratamiento Implantes Dentales

3D Scanner

In order to be able to calculate the volume of bone available for fitting implants, and its density, the professional scans the area to achieve 3D images of the jaw. This means that we can see what we will find on opening the gum to surgically fit the implants.
Based on the bone height, width and density, we will decide on the size of the implant to be fitted, depending on number of implants required by the patient.
In these images we can also see all of the anatomical obstacles (adjacent teeth, inferior alveolar nerve, maxillary sinus, etc.) to be avoided by the implant.

The surgical guide

To obtain even greater precision, we use a surgical guide. This is a replica of the prosthesis to be fitted in the patient’s mouth during the operation. This replica literally guides the operation according to the previously generated computer plan, thereby ensuring that the implants are perfectly fitted.

More information

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