After dental implant surgery

After having a dental implant fitted, the postop effects (discomfort, bruising, sometimes pain) are dealt with individually.

post cirugia implantes dentales

Surgical effects

After having an implant fitted, different reactions may occur:


This largely depends on the extent of the operation, i.e. the number of implants fitted in one go, and on whether you have required bone regeneration or grafting with your own or synthetic bone.

Postop pain varies greatly from one patient to another. Generally speaking, the fitting of 1 or 2 implants involves very little or absolutely no pain at all. In more important operations, the patient is expected to experience greater discomfort for a few days; however, this is relieved using pain-killers or anti-inflammatory medication prescribed immediately after the operation.


This is swelling of the gum and cheek due to the inflammatory reaction following every surgical operation.

While generally only slight, in some cases it can cause greater discomfort, although the anti-inflammatory medication we always prescribe eases the pain. This medication is normally prescribed immediately after the operation.

Haematoma (bruising)

This is caused by internal haemorrhaging visible on the skin and lasts for a short time after the operation. Sometimes it spreads, appearing unexpectedly, but this is a rare occurrence. It is scarcely noticeable and can be perfectly covered using special makeup, available from your chemist.
If you feel that these postop effects are worse than they should be, inform your dentist immediately to avoid potential complications.

Stress and pain management

The stress and pain related to having an implant fitted are factors anticipated by your dentist and are efficiently dealt with by means of carefully adapted medication; this takes account of the patient’s particular situation: their state of health, nervousness, and the extent of the operation to be carried out.

If you have problems with the medication prescribed or don’t think it is strong enough, tell us and we will revise your treatment to ensure that the implant surgery is as comfortable as possible. This means that the implant surgery will be a more pleasant experience for you.

More information

If you have any doubts about the different aspects of implant surgery, or of the process in your case: potential tooth extraction, surgery and completion of the dental prosthesis, call us and we’ll explain it to you at our clinic.

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