Aesthetic excellence in implantology


Today, the success of a dental implant, in the short and medium term, above all if it is in the front of the mouth, consists of making it look like a natural tooth, fulfilling its masticatory function and guaranteeing the pleasant aspect of both the tooth and the gum.

Gum, or mucogingival surgery enables us to improve aesthetics by adding gum to the areas where required. Thus, in the upper front teeth, if a lack of bone means that the tooth will be longer than those beside it, the area can be filled in with a pink gum graft, meaning that the crown will be the same size as those beside it.

We must take different points into account in order to achieve aesthetic excellence in anterior dental implants, and these are factors that we pay a great deal of attention to at our dental surgery in San Sebastian:

  • When there is scarce bone volume, narrow implants function very well, meaning that often it is not necessary to regenerate the bone or add gum.
  • Tooth extraction must be gentle and non-traumatic in order not to destroy the bone and therefore to ensure more bone volume for subsequent placement of the implant. It is better to section the root prior to extraction, therefore avoiding the need to apply a lever action or the risk of deforming the bone wall.
  • Both for extracting the tooth and for placing the implant, it is better not to lift the gum, but to leave it attached to the bone. This will mean very little loss of height and gum volume.
  • The gum around the head of the implant must be thick. Therefore, when placing the healing abutment, the incision should be made towards the palate, moving the gum from the palatine to the vestibular area.
  • When fitting an implant, the existence of an adjacent natural tooth will help to maintain the bone.
  • Provisional crowns on the implants help to model and give the adequate shape to the gum, but they neither create nor increase the gum length. Good planning of the implant surgery, with the help of the scanner and of a studied surgical ferrule, is key to aesthetic and functional success.

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