The appearance of your smile


Maintaining or creating a harmonious smile is part of the everyday work at our dental clinic. In all types of treatment practiced on our patients, whether when having their teeth cleaned, a filling, an extraction or a crown, we take account of the appearance of their teeth and of their smile.

Different aesthetic treatments have been developed, about which we will be only too happy to provide you with information should you so desire.


The appearance of your teeth is above all based on the colour, tone and shine of your teeth, on their shape, on ensuring that they are properly aligned and that they show no sign of chips, wear or decay. The colour, shape and thickness of your gums too are very important.

We also take account of the smile line and how it relates to your lips.

A study of your appearance


We will start by asking you what you expect to achieve in relation to your appearance and to explain the problems you feel you have with your mouth, no matter how insignificant they may be.

We will make a clinical examination of your teeth and mouth, looking carefully at your face to ensure that your smile matches your features.

If necessary, we will take X-rays, impressions or moulds of your teeth and, depending on the treatment, photographs too.

Having discussed and analysed the above tests, we will suggest one or several treatments to suit your needs.

Estética de la sonrisa

Types of aesthetic treatments

We have different treatments which can also be combined:

  • Change of old worn or deteriorated prostheses. Here we refer above all to old crowns and bridges, which will be more than likely outdated by now.
  • Fitting of porcelain veneers, a very fine porcelain veneer permanently fixed to the front surface of the teeth. These improve the colour or shape of your teeth.
  • Fitting of porcelain, zirconia-porcelain or metal-porcelain crowns when there is too little tooth for veneers.
  • Restoration, i.e. fillings or reconstruction using modern materials such as a naturally-coloured composite when the integrity of a tooth is compromised due to a fracture or decay. We can also improve the appearance of your teeth by changing old black metal fillings for white composite fillings.
  • Implants, to hold individual teeth or ceramic bridges in place or to serve as an anchor for complete dentures.
  • Orthodontics treatment, to align the teeth when they are crooked, crowded or separated. In very few cases, to ensure that the aesthetics and function are perfect, corrective jaw surgery is required to expand the palate, and to move either the upper or lower jaw forwards or backwards.
  • Gum or periodontal surgery, i.e. only of the gum or of the gum and the bone around it: this involves gum grafts or a gum flap procedure. This technique is used in patients who have lost gum length or volume, revealing the roots and gaps between their teeth.
  • Treatment of the sequelae left by the loss of one or several teeth. In cases of a traumatism or important infection, we can replace any lost teeth and, if required, lost gum and bone.
  • Having your teeth cleaned at the surgery improves their appearance and natural colour, particularly in the case of smokers and big coffee or tea drinkers.
  • Tooth whitening, to lighten and brighten your smile.

Aesthetic decisions

  • We will give you a detailed explanation of the different solutions available for the improved appearance you hope to achieve. We will always tend to use solutions which allow us to keep as many of your own teeth as possible.
  • In the case of extensive treatment we will come to a compromise between what you want, and what we can or should do.
  • We will, of course give you a detailed quote for each of the solutions we suggest.
  • Finally, we will take account of the fact that, as well as your appearance, the health of your teeth and gums is essential. Note that it is not a question of creating a uniform artificial smile, but of improving or recovering a healthy, beautiful and natural smile.