Dental aesthetics

As well as looking for a solution to dental health problems, people who turn to their dentists today are increasingly interested in solving issues with their appearance..
The smile is one of the most important facial expressions. Thanks to our smile, we not only express emotions, but also use it as part of our language. To smile we use our lips, our gums and our teeth.
Studies have proven that aesthetic defects can lead to psychological disorders in some people. That’s why aesthetic odontology is considered to be an area of enormous importance within dental treatments as a whole.

Our treatments are always personal and subjective, depending on each patient and designed to ensure that we meet their expectations and wishes.

In western culture the problems that affect good aesthetic harmony of the mouth, or in other words a perfect smile, are:

  • Crooked teeth.
  • A space between the front teeth.
  • Patchy tooth colour.
  • Fillings near the gum.
  • Broken or cracked teeth.


Today treatments can be divided into:

  • Hygiene and prophylaxis.
  • Enamel microabrasion, in the case of certain stains.
  • Aesthetic contouring.
  • Tooth whitening: is one of the most common given its easy application and cost. It consists of applying chemical agents to give the teeth a uniform white colour.
  • Restorative treatment: using composite resins or dental porcelain. Here the aim is to conceal problems of colour and to close spaces between teeth, particularly the front teeth. Sometimes we can use crowns or ceramic veneers to align slightly crooked teeth, without using orthodontics.
  • Torthodontic treatments, particularly aesthetic orthodontics with ceramic brackets..
  • Periodontal treatments, i.e. of aesthetic gum defects.

The majority of treatments are simple and painless, and some can be applied during a same session.