Dental Aesthetics in Donostia

As well as looking for a solution to dental health problems, people who turn to their dentists today are increasingly interested in solving issues with their appearance..

The smile is one of the most important facial expressions. Thanks to our smile, we not only express emotions, but also use it as part of our language. To smile we use our lips, our gums and our teeth.

Studies have proven that aesthetic defects can lead to psychological disorders in some people. That’s why aesthetic odontology is considered to be an area of enormous importance within dental treatments as a whole.

How much do dental aesthetics treatments cost?

To give you a quote, we require you to make a preliminary surgery appointment to study the health of your teeth and gums, as well as the possibilities of aesthetic improvement and whitening.

Dental Aesthetic Treatment

Today the existing dental aesthetic treatments can be classified as follows:

Tooth whitening

Is one of the most common given its easy application and cost. It consists of applying chemical agents which represent absolutely no risk for the patient to give the teeth a uniform white colour.

Restorative treatment:

Using composite resins or dental porcelain. Here the aim is to conceal problems of colour and to close spaces between teeth, particularly the front teeth. Sometimes we can use crowns or ceramic veneers to align slightly crooked teeth, without using orthodontics.

Orthodontic treatments

Of all types of orthodontic treatments, two of the options now available vastly improve the patient’s appearance during treatment when used instead of the traditional metal brackets:

For the best aesthetic and functional results, at JM Arizala we study each patient’s face and lips before starting the orthodontic treatment.

Treatments of the aesthetic gum defects

Like your teeth, your gums too play a very important part in the appearance of your smile, and there are a number of treatments which can correct some of the most common defects.

Other treatments

The majority of treatments are simple and painless, and some can be applied during a same session.

Our treatments are always personal and subjective, depending on each patient and designed to ensure that we meet their expectations and wishes.

When should I have dental aesthetic treatment?

In western culture the problems that affect good aesthetic harmony of the mouth, or in other words a perfect smile, are:

Your dental aesthetics treated by professionals

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Based on our experience in dental aesthetic treatment, we warn you of the risks involved in trying to improve your smile using home remedies or “miracle products”.

To achieve the desired change in your smile, you must visit a specialist in dental aesthetics for a study of your mouth and teeth before planning the ideal treatment for your case, and with no risk to your health.

At JM Arizala we have been providing dental aesthetic treatment at our clinic in Donostia for 25 years.

If you want to improve the colour of your teeth, or the size and shape of your teeth or gums, make an appointment with us, we’ll be delighted to help you!

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