Orthodontics is one of the treatments most requested by our patients. Both adults and children require adequate dental health and aesthetics to enjoy a good quality of life, and orthodontics is usually one of the indispensable treatments for achieving just that.

At our dental clinic we have observed with the passing of time how some adults and young people have been put off by the idea or were loath to wear a brace with metal brackets, something which influenced their self-esteem and confidence in everyday life. The world of orthodontics has evolved considerably and today you can find different kinds of aesthetic orthodontics which put an end to this problem.

In normal conditions, the patient can use the orthodontics option best suited to their tastes. Also, considering that the average duration of orthodontics treatment is generally 1-2 years, the aesthetic factor is an aspect that strongly influences the patients’ decision.

Below I explain 2 types of orthodontics options available at the JM Arizala Dental:


Ceramic brackets . While this type of orthodontics does involve brackets, these are made in ceramic material , meaning that the colour is similar to that of the patients’ teeth, achieving a much more aesthetic appearance than with traditional metal brackets. Ceramic brackets can be used in almost all cases, whether simple or complicated, and in children, young people and adults.

Invisible orthodontics caused a revolution in the dental sector. They can be used in many types of cases, and in adults or in very responsible young people. This is a kind of orthodontics that doesn’t require brackets , instead involving a series of almost imperceptible transparent splints . As well as its aesthetic benefits, invisible orthodontics has the added advantage that the aligners are removable, meaning that the patient must take them out to eat and to clean their teeth (provided that the wear the aligners for at least 22 hours every day).


As well as this kind of orthodontics, at our dental clinic in San Sebastián we have other kinds of dental devices. Our aim is to offer the widest possible selection to our patients so that they, with the dentist’s supervision, can make their own decision with regard to their needs, but also to their tastes. If you are planning to have orthodontics treatment, we can solve any doubts you may have.