Christmas table with Christmas decorations and oral hygiene utensils

Christmas is a time of partying, meeting people and letting yourself go which inevitably leads to excesses that not only have a negative effect on your health, but also have an even greater impact on that of your teeth.

At our dental clinic in Donostia we recommend, as professionals in oral health, that you visit your dentist after Christmas to ensure that the bad habits accumulated over this period don’t end in dental health problems.


The dangers of Christmas for your teeth

December arrives and the lights go on, Christmas carols sound out and everyone celebrates being able to enjoy such a special day yet another year. However, the consumption of alcohol and Christmas sweetmeats with high sugar content favours the appearance of tooth decay and sensitivity. In addition, eating very hard nougat can fracture the most unfortunate teeth. The same can happen when eating seafood, given that often diners choose to open the shells with their teeth with no thought for the harm it can cause.

Christmas is the worst time of the year for your teeth given that your routine completely changes and, with it, your daily tooth brushing habits. The fact that you are out of the house on these dates and that you eat almost nonstop, means that you largely ignore your oral hygiene and that your teeth tend to suffer much more than normal.


Importance of going to the dentist after Christmas

Visiting your dentist after Christmas is essential for a complete dental check-up and a study of any potential damage suffered over the Christmas period. At our dental clinic in Donostia we recommend that you have an in-depth tooth clean every 6-12 months to remove all of the bacterial plaque accumulated on your teeth and in the spaces between them to prevent any kind of gum disease or tooth decay.

Given that many of the infections due to tooth decay are caused during the Christmas period, January is a busy month for fillings and reconstructions. These types of conservative odontology techniques are used when the decay has not yet reached the pulp chamber, and consist of cleaning the damaged area without affecting the rest of the natural tooth. The space is then sealed with material that returns the tooth to its full function and appearance.


Don’t let your enthusiasm and enjoyment of Christmas affect your health. Take good care of your oral hygiene on these dates and don’t forget to visit your dentist after the holidays now that you are aware of its importance. We’ll be delighted to see you at our dental clinic in Donostia.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!