Visita al dentista después del verano

During the summer holidays you not only spend lots of time outdoors with family and friends, but you also travel to switch off after busy months of work. All of this tends to mean that you relax the routines you stick to so well throughout the year, such as healthy eating or taking proper care of your teeth.


At our dental clinic in Donostia we remind our patients of the importance of brushing their teeth after every meal and before going to bed. We also stress that seeing the dentist after their holidays is essential to guarantee perfect oral health.

Today we give you 3 reasons to see the dentist after your holidays:


3 reasons why you should see the dentist after your holidays:


●       Poor oral hygiene

Even if you do brush them regularly, when you’re not at home it’s difficult to clean all the spaces between your teeth if you don’t have professional instruments to hand. That’s why you should see the dentist after your holidays, a time when taking care of your dental routine is relaxed, and even more so in the case of children.

At JM Arizala we recommend that you see your dentist once or even twice a year to have your teeth cleaned by a professional and have the plaque or tartar that may have built up on the surface of your teeth removed. A good time to visit your dentist is after the summer holidays. Why not come and see us? Make an appointment.


●       A less balanced diet

In summer we all tend to eat much more than usual. This particularly includes ice cream, slushies and other refreshing bites, perfect for cooling you down, but very bad for your teeth given their high sugar content. If you don’t brush your teeth properly after eating these treats, the glucose will soon start to damage the surface of your teeth, causing wear to the enamel and the appearance of much-dreaded tooth decay.


●       The best time to start dental treatment

Returning to your routine after the summer break is the best time to start dental treatment to improve the health of your teeth and gums. It’s the perfect time because you’re more relaxed, meaning that we can focus better on your needs when proceeding with treatment involving false teeth, implants or oral surgery.


Visit us before returning to school or work! A healthy mouth is essential for excellent overall well-being. Come along to our dental clinic in San Sebastian after your holidays, we look forward to seeing you!