Estudio de ortodoncia

Today we all have a vast number of relatives and friends who have undergone some kind of orthodontics treatment. It’s normal that you too, if you’re wondering whether to have your crooked teeth straightened, start by asking yourself what’s involved in the process.

The first thing we do at our Dental Clinic in San Sebastian is carry out an orthodontics study to help us identify your oral needs and plan the process to straighten your teeth. Below we explain what’s involved in an orthodontics study:


What is an orthodontics study?

An orthodontics study is a process carried out before starting orthodontics treatment involving a series of tests, all very simple and completely painless.

Before making an orthodontics study, it is important to make a general oral and dental study of the patient’s mouth, simply to ensure the absence of gum problems or signs of tooth decay that could delay the treatment.

An orthodontics study consists of the following tests:


  • Intraoral photographs

The orthodontist needs to know what the inside of the patient’s mouth looks like in order to assess the extent of their dental malocclusion and establish any kind of alterations in their bones. He therefore takes pictures of the inside of the patient’s mouth. This helps him to study their case and to plan the orthodontics treatment.


  • Facial photographs

Related to the above point, pictures of the patient’s face are also required for the orthodontics study. This enables the orthodontics professional to understand how the position of the teeth affects the patient’s face as a whole and above all their smile, thus enabling them to design a treatment offering the best possible aesthetic results.


  • Mould of the mouth

To complete the orthodontics study, it is important to take a mould of the patient’s mouth which the orthodontist can use as a model.


  • X-rays

X-rays are the last step in the orthodontics study. These are essential to learn the position and condition of the roots; they also help us to make an overall study of the patient’s articulations and respiratory system.


Is a study prior to orthodontics really necessary?

All dental treatments require prior planning, and even more so in the case of orthodontics. A pre-treatment orthodontics study is essential to know in which direction and at what time each tooth is going to move. It is also the only way to achieve a natural result and appearance.


At our Dental Clinic in San Sebastian we have all the technology and qualifications necessary to make a fast and precise orthodontics study. Do you want to have your teeth straightened? Don’t hesitate to call us with your questions, we’ll be only too happy to answer them.