With the arrival of coronavirus (COVID-19) to Spain, we are all experiencing a situation as difficult as it is unexpected. None of us could have imagined at the turn of the year that only 2 months later the country would be in a state of alarm and that we would all be confined to our houses. Despite the fact that it is currently impossible for us to go about our usual dentist’s work, we believe that we can continue to help in other ways. Below I therefore give you a number of tips on how to keep your teeth in good health during this long period of time in the house.


This is essential advice for all smokers. Not being able to leave the house is stressful, and we all know that anxiety leads us to increase our consumption of this kind of substances. Try to be strong and not to increase the amount you smoke every day, since doing so will harm your gums, potentially causing gingivitis or periodontitis, particularly if combined with insufficient dental hygiene, or with eating too many sweet foods.


Being indoors all day makes it difficult not to eat certain foods. Your eating patterns are upset and you’ll probably start to nibble between meals on things are bad for your oral health, like biscuits and cakes, particularly if you have a sweet tooth.

Be careful what you give children to eat too: they may start acting up, and you mustn’t try to calm them by tempting them with sweets. It’s better to get them to do exercise or dance to music. Don’t give them too many sweet drinks, chocolate, sweet yoghurts, etc.


Now that you’re indoors all day, what’s your excuse for not brushing your teeth 3 times a day? It can’t be because you don’t have the time. While this is classic advice given by all dentists, it is also essential.

In fact, you should brush your teeth every time you eat. The confinement may also be a good time to adopt healthier habits. If you can’t be bothered brushing your teeth more than 3 times a day, make the most of your time and don’t eat between meals. You’ll put on less weight if you do.


It’s not all about things you must and mustn’t do… don’t worry. Here you have an excellent opportunity to take care of your teeth. Fruit, as well as its recognised advantages for the organism in general, also offers benefits for your oral health thanks to the vitamins it contains, and because it largely helps to remove the traces of other more harmful foods from your teeth.

Whatever the case, be careful with acids and citrus fruit , particularly if you have worn teeth, or if the roots are exposed. If this is the case, if your teeth feel uncomfortable when you eat oranges, lemons or kiwis, brush them as soon as you’ve finished eating your fruit.


This last recommendation is for patients who are having work done on their mouth and whose treatment is incomplete. It is important that you follow your dentist’s instructions, particularly by taking good care with your oral hygiene to prevent infection .

To ensure that you can solve small emergencies at home, we recommend that you have orthodontic wax to hand for use if part of the brace starts jagging your mouth or rubbing against it. If your dentist’s clinic is closed, you can buy orthodontic wax from the chemist’s.


At JM Arizala Clínica Dental we want you to keep your teeth in great health during these weeks of confinement. Heeding our recommendations will make the task a lot easier!