comparación entre coloración del blanqueamiento dental y los dientes naturales

One of the questions most frequently asked by patients who turn to aesthetic treatment for a brighter smile is how long the whitening effect will last. Despite not being a permanent solution, whitening treatment will last for a lot longer if you take good care of your teeth.

Our reply to the question of how long teeth whitening lasts is therefore that it varies according to each person’s habits and to the quality of their dental tissue.


Estimated duration of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental aesthetic treatments. Replying to the question of how long teeth whitening lasts we would say that, if correctly applied and if you take very good care of your teeth, it can last for several years.

However, other factors can also influence the duration of teeth whitening. On the one hand, your tooth enamel and dentine will absorb the gel to a greater or lesser extent depending on their physiological characteristics.

On the other, your mouth must be in excellent health: this treatment isn’t suitable for patients with one or more caries or for those suffering from gum disease. These are problems that must be solved before even thinking about the duration of whitening.

Any of these pathologies could cause sensitivity and pain in the tissues affected, meaning that your treatment would have to be put on hold. It is essential to visit your dentist for a complete oral check-up before starting treatment. At our dental clinic in San Sebastian we have extensive experience in dental aesthetic treatments; if you want to lighten your teeth and have doubts as to how long the treatment will last, follow the advice of our professionals.


How to keep your teeth whiter for longer?

The duration of your teeth whitening treatment will largely depend on your daily habits. It goes without saying that excellent oral hygiene is a must to prevent your teeth from darkening. Here are another few tips to help guarantee that the treatment will last for as long as possible:

  • Keep your intake of food and drink likely to stain your teeth to a minimum; this includes red berries, coffee and red wine. If you do eat or drink any of these, it is important to brush your teeth carefully immediately afterwards to prevent the enamel from staining and shortening the duration of your teeth whitening.
  • Eat healthily. Eating fruit and vegetables containing fibre helps to keep your mouth clean and Apples and carrots are good examples.
  • Stop smoking. The nicotine in cigarettes darkens the enamel and affects the duration of any tooth whitening In addition, prolonged consumption could lead to other oral health problems such as gum disease and even tooth loss.


Do you want to lighten the colour of your teeth but have doubts as to the duration of teeth whitening treatment? Contact the professional team at our clinic in San Sebastian; we’ll find you the treatment best suited to your case and will give you an idea of how long you can expect it to last. Make an appointment with us!