As the months go by, bacterial activity in your mouth causes leftover food to calcify on the enamel of your teeth. The result of this build-up is what we call dental plaque, and to remove it we use professional tooth cleaning techniques.

Dental plaque forms irremediably every time you eat or drink. It takes the shape of a

semi-transparent film to which the bacteria existing in your mouth adhere. To keep the thickness of dental plaque and its calcification to a minimum, as experts in oral health, we remind you of the importance of a quality daily dental hygiene routine.


How will I know if I have tartar?

Tartar may mimic the natural colour of your teeth and may not be visible simply by looking at them in the mirror. Some of the patients who come for a professional tooth clean at our dental clinic in San Sebastian don’t even realise that they have calcified plaque on the front and back of their teeth or in the area beneath the gums (which can lead to periodontal sacs).

If tartar is not removed in time, it starts to accumulate beneath your gums, causing damage to the internal structure of your mouth. This can mean serious problems for the health of your mouth and teeth.


Tartar build-up can be removed using tooth cleaning treatments at our clinic

By cleaning your teeth at our clinic we will remove tartar using professional tooth cleaning technologies such as polishing with a rubber head or ultrasound.

If the professional clean doesn’t succeed in completely removing the tartar from under your gums, you will require dental curettage, involving scraping and smoothing of the root, to cure the periodontal disease.


Can tartar build-up be prevented?

The difference between dental plaque and tartar is that the latter cannot be removed simply by brushing your teeth. To prevent tartar build-up, you must visit a dental hygienist for a professional tooth cleaning session either yearly or once every six months, depending on the state of your mouth.

If you need a professional to remove the tartar build-up from your teeth, our experts in professional tooth cleaning in San Sebastian can offer you an efficient solution. Why not call and make an appointment? We’ll be delighted to solve your doubts!