Prótesis dentales en Donostia

Do you know whether the following statements regarding dental prostheses are true or false? Click on the icon below each one to find out!

How much do you know about dental prostheses?

A fixed prosthesis is a dental implant.

FALSE: a dental implant is what we call the screw that we insert into the bone of your “Fixed prosthesis” refers to the crown (false tooth) placed over an implant or over natural teeth in good condition.

We can fit a false stump onto a piece of natural tooth to hold a prosthesis in place.

TRUE: sometimes, when the piece of natural tooth remaining after a fracture is too small to take a crown, we create a false stump to hold the prosthesis in place.

Removable prostheses are more stable if they are held in place by natural teeth or by implants.

TRUE: removable prostheses held in place by implants or your own teeth are more stable than those that simply sit on the gums.

Today implants are replacing bridges.

TRUE: fitting dental bridges causes wear to the adjacent teeth which have to withstand the weight and force exercised with this kind of With implants, the adjacent teeth are not affected, but are reinforced, since the screw helps to reduce bone loss.

Provisional crowns are made in porcelain.

FALSE: provisional crowns are made in resin and can only remain in place for a maximum of 3 months.

Reading out loud can help the patient to train their mouth muscles to adapt to removable prosthesis.

TRUE: starting to use a full set of dentures can be difficult at first. Patients are invited to speak loudly to the members of their family or to read out loud to adapt and condition the muscles of their mouth so that they will automatically hold the new dentures in place.

To clean removable prostheses, you have to use a special brush.

TRUE: here you must use bigger, stronger brushes than you would for natural However, if the patient only has a standard toothbrush to hand, they can certainly use it.

To fit a full removable prosthesis on the bottom set of teeth we have to fit a minimum of 4 screws.

FALSE: this kind of prosthesis can be fitted onto the lower teeth using only two screws.

Removable prostheses must be taken out after every meal and carefully cleaned.

TRUE: removable prostheses must be carefully cleaned after every. This will prevent caries from appearing in the natural teeth holding the prosthesis in place.

You can smile with confidence without anybody knowing that you have a fixed prosthesis.

TRUE: once we have fitted the fixed prosthesis nobody will notice that you have We make your teeth look as natural as possible.