Sonrisa con dientes torcidos

It’s common to see people with crooked teeth when they smile. In his years of experience, Dr Jesus M. Arizala has become one of the leading experts in dental aesthetics and orthodontics in San Sebastian, thanks to which he has dealt with myriad cases of patients with problems related to the position of their teeth.

Teeth that erupt in the wrong position, or that are crooked or crowded, are more than a simple matter of appearance. In fact the issue directly lies in the way your mouth works, given that the position of your teeth affects the strength with which you chew, how you bite, and the health of your gums, among other aspects.

What causes crooked teeth?

Several causes or factors may lead to the appearance of crooked teeth:

  • Lack of space in your jaw, making it difficult for your teeth to come through in their correct position so that they sometimes grow in
  • The eruption of wisdom These are the last teeth to grow in, meaning that they can affect your other teeth by slightly altering their position.
  • Hereditary The size and shape of your jawbone and teeth are factors that you inherit and it is not unusual to come across families with crooked teeth passed down through the generations.
  • Childhood Continually sucking our thumb or using a pacifier after the age of 2 years can lead to crooked teeth.

What are the consequences of not correcting crooked teeth?

It is important to correct crooked teeth to prevent the following from occurring:

  • Problems when biting due to the fact that your top and bottom teeth are out of line and don’t meet
  • Difficulty maintaining good dental hygiene.
  • Greater tendency to suffer from gum disease.
  • A change in your appearance.
  • Greater tendency to suffer dental wear.
  • Wrongly distributed chewing strength because your top and bottom teeth don’t Some of your teeth may also suffer from overload and start moving due to gum and bone loss.

How do we correct crooked teeth?

At the clinic of JM Arizala we offer three kinds of treatment to correct crooked teeth. All are adapted to each patient’s individual needs and characteristics.

Orthodontics treatment

For patients who, apart from wanting to improve the appearance of their crooked teeth, need to get their mouth working properly again, orthodontics is the perfect treatment. At our clinic we offer conventional orthodontics treatment with brackets, but we also listen to patients who prefer a more discreet treatment, offering them orthodontics treatments with aesthetic brackets and invisible orthodontics with aligners.

Porcelain veneers

When the dental malposition is only slight and has no effect on the way your mouth works and bites, we normally fix crooked teeth by fitting porcelain veneers. Thanks to this treatment, the shape, size and colour of your teeth will all look the same, with pleasing natural results.

White fillings

When you only have a few crooked teeth, we can solve the issue with white composite fillings on the front of your teeth and in the same colour. This is recommended, for example, if one of your teeth is facing inwards.


If you have crooked teeth and would like to have them fixed, come to see us. At the clinic of Dr JM Arizala we will make a preliminary study of your case to establish the cause of your crooked smile and offer you the most suitable treatment. We’re in San Sebastian to help you. Make an appointment today!