I recently attended a course in October 2016 on Predictable aesthetics and methods for avoiding peri-implantitis organised by SEPES (Sociedad Española de Prótesis Estomatológica y Estética) and given by Dr. Jesús Creagh.

Today prostheses on implants render enormously aesthetic results thanks to the diversity of the materials available. Good handling of the tissue, the correct amount and quality of the keratinised gum, as well as full observation of the time required for the wound to heal, will make our result much more predictable in the long term.

Even so, there are different ways to prevent bacterial contamination inside the implants, which will help us to prevent mucositis and peri-implantitis during treatment.

On the course we were given an explanation of the most recent procedures for preventing the above complications, and of the protocols to be followed. We also studied sequences step by step for carrying out rehabilitations on implants in the aesthetic sector.