Mujer colocándose sus férulas de descarga para el bruxismo

Mouth guards are the most recommended and effective treatment for reducing the effects of bruxism or grinding your teeth. Many people suffer from bruxism due to stress, and if it isn’t correctly treated in time, it could end up damaging your tooth enamel or causing other kinds of health problems.


What are anti-grinding mouth guards?

A mouth guard is a dental device made in the shape of a hard transparent plastic cover that you place over your top or bottom teeth to stop you from grinding your teeth without realising it. Wearing a guard like this at night prevents your top and bottom teeth from coming into contact with one another so that you can’t grind them.

Anti-grinding mouth guards also enable your face muscles to relax, hence relieving the symptoms and helping your jaw to sit in the correct position.


Characteristics of a mouth guard

  • Rigid mouth guards:

These are the ones most recommended by dental experts. Their limited elasticity means that the grinding problem is much more controlled. Today we scan the models made of your teeth, achieving an excellent fit. And they need almost no adjustment in your mouth as we had to do until only a very short time ago.



Experts in anti-grinding mouth guards in San Sebastian

At our dental clinic in San Sebastian we are experts in treating bruxism and TMJ pathology. If you suffer from headaches, difficulty when opening and closing your mouth or pain while eating, you may have bruxism.

Get in touch with us; we’ll help you to relieve the symptoms with our anti-grinding mouth guards. We want you to enjoy a good night’s sleep and to wake up feeling completely refreshed. Contact us!