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  1. partes de un implante dental

    What are the parts of a dental implant?

    People often think that a dental implant is simply a false tooth fitted to replace one of your own. But that’s not the whole story.…

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  2. Pinza cogiendo carillas dentales de porcelana colocadas en una mesa azul

    How are dental veneers fitted?

    You don’t want others to notice your imperfections when you smile. The fastest and most effective cosmetic treatment for correcting the colour, size or shape…

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  3. Provisional online appointment

    Provisional online appointment FOR PROVISIONAL APPOINTMENTS OR QUOTES We offer a provisional online appointment service where the doctor and the patient will meet one another…

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  4. Prótesis dental removible junto a un vaso con cepillos dentales en su interior

    Do you know how to clean your dentures?

    Do you know how to clean your dentures? Knowing how to clean your fixed or removable dentures is essential for a sparkling result and perfect…

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  5. Hortz-zuritzearen kolorazioaren eta hortz naturalen arteko konparazioa

    How long does teeth whitening last?

    One of the questions most frequently asked by patients who turn to aesthetic treatment for a brighter smile is how long the whitening effect will…

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  6. Eguberri-mahaia, Gabonetako dekoratuekin eta ahozko higiene-tresnekin.

    Visit your dentist after Christmas

    Christmas is a time of partying, meeting people and letting yourself go which inevitably leads to excesses that not only have a negative effect on…

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  7. abrasion-dental-cepillado-brusco

    Dental abrasion: what it is and how to treat it

    Dental abrasion is progressive damage caused to the surface of your teeth which eventually results in the more or less important loss of enamel. Usually…

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  8. Imagen muela rota

    Broken molar: why did it break and what can be done about it?

    Do you have a broken molar? As experts in dental reconstructions in San Sebastián, we frequently deal with this type of emergencies at our surgery.…

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  9. fluorosis dental tratamiento donostia

    Dental fluorosis: causes and treatment

    You will probably have heard, or read, repeatedly, that fluoride is one of the best ingredients to look out for in the toothpaste or mouthwash…

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  10. Tratamiento Periodoncias

    Periodontics or gum disease treatment

    Periodontics in Donostia (San Sebastian) Gum treatment What is periodontics? Periodontics is the odontology speciality responsible for the diagnostic prevention and treatment of diseases that…

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