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  1. coronavirus-stop

    Looking after your teeth at home

    With the arrival of coronavirus (COVID-19) to Spain, we are all experiencing a situation as difficult as it is unexpected. None of us could have…

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  3. chica-con-brackets-de-ceramica

    What are the most aesthetic orthodontics options?

    Orthodontics is one of the treatments most requested by our patients. Both adults and children require adequate dental health and aesthetics to enjoy a good…

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  4. implante-dental-tornillo

    Signs that your dental implant has been rejected or has failed to integrate

    Dental implants are the best option if you want to replace missing teeth. ​This is a treatment which is in huge demand and enjoys high…

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  5. diente-gorro-navidad

    5 tips for looking after your teeth at Christmastime

    The Christmas period is a time that most of us look forward to eagerly​. Enjoying a few days of rest with our loved-ones is not…

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  6. encias-sangre-gingivitis

    Do you have bleeding gums? Follow our dentists’ advice

    Periodontal health is essential to guarantee good quality of life​. When your gums are in poor health, they cause continual pain and discomfort and, if…

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  7. Getting the best results from tooth whitening

    On 14 September 2018 I attended a course at the Gipuzkoa Dental Association on Tooth Whitening given by Dr José Amengual Lorenzo, a professor at…

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  8. brackets-esteticos

    Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Dentistry

    On 27 and 28 April 2018, I attended the course on “Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Dentistry” at the Gipuzkoa Dental Association, given by University of Valencia professors…

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  9. Expansión palatina

    Palatal expansion

  10. Charges at our dental clinic